Why Did My Garage Door Stop Working?

If you are reading this article, likely, your garage door has suddenly stopped working, and you have no idea as to why. We promise that you are not alone; this happens occasionally, and usually, it is a simple fix. This article will go through the top possibilities for why your garage door has stopped working.

garage door with bike

Dead Batteries

One of the most common reasons why your garage door has stopped working has nothing to do with the door itself. It may be that the batteries in your fob have died. You can test this by replacing the batteries and seeing if it starts working again.

Blocked Photo Eye

If you have a garage door that has been installed within the last 15 years, it likely has a photo-eye. A photo-eye is an invisible beam that shoots horizontally along the door opening. This eye checks to see if any impediments are blocking the door to ensure the safety of your family, pets, and property. If the eye’s beam is blocked, it won’t close. We suggest making sure that nothing is blocking the beam and then trying it again.

Disrupted Power Source

Your garage door needs electricity to run. Is the power out? If so, your door isn’t going to budge. However, if the power is on, you may have a disruption of power. You will want to check that you circuit breakers are in their normal position and double-check that your garage door is still plugged in. If it isn’t, plug it back in, give it a minute, then try again.

Misaligned Track

On occasion, doors can become misaligned. This can happen when it gets a hard bump, if the earth settles, or if someone tries to DIY garage repairs. Sometimes, you may be able to hear if a door has become misaligned if the door makes a rubbing sound during operation. Unaligned doors can become highly dangerous and may stop working. If you tried the solutions above and none worked, this may be your issue. You do not want to try to realign the door yourself, but call a door repair specialist to fix it for you.

Spring Issues

Your garage door springs are a critical component to your door. If they are broken, you will likely know about it if you are home because they will break with a thunderous noise. If they are broken, do not attempt to open your garage door as it can be highly dangerous. When your springs break, they can also force the cables to disengage. You will want to have a professional repairman check it when they replace your garage door springs.


Are none of the above the reasons why your door has stopped working? There is a good chance that you may have a deeper level problem that could require a full door replacement. Give Overhead Door a call today, and we will investigate your situation further and offer you available solutions.