Utility and Benefits of a Fire Rated Door

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In 2020 alone, residents and business owners in the USA faced over 490,000 fires that resulted in $32 million in property loss. These staggering numbers demonstrate how vital it is to take action in preventing deadly and costly fires, and you can start by simply installing a fire-rated door.

Warehouse Fire

What is the Utility of a Fire-Rated Door?

A fire-rated door is a commercial door that has been UL-listed as resistant to a fire breach for a specific amount of time. These doors are usually programmed to close automatically in the event of a fire to localize flames and smoke while delaying the spread to other parts of the building.

The door itself is made of coated, galvanized, or stainless steel and receives a rating based on how long the door can withstand a fire before failing. Fire-rated doors are rated at a minimum of 45 minutes up to 3 hours.

Fire-rated doors are typically added to building with firewalls, such as parking garages, warehouses, distribution centers, mills, or any building that utilizes hazardous materials. It is advised that the fire-rated door chosen for a building rate at least ¾ of that of the surrounding firewalls. For example, if the firewalls are rated to withstand a fire for an hour, the fire-rated door should rate at least 45 minutes.

What are the Benefits of a Fire-Rated Door?

Fire-rated doors are designed to aid in preventing the spread of deadly and costly fires. Therefore, they include the following benefits:

1. Employee Safety

The safety of a company’s employees should always be the top priority. Since fire-rated doors slow the spread of the fire, it allows employees more time to evacuate the building and for emergency services to arrive. Additionally, the doors help limit the spread of toxic gas and smoke, which is the primary cause of civilian deaths related to fires.

2. Property & Asset Protection

Expensive equipment, precious paperwork, and other critical business assets are often present in the workplace. By installing a fire-rated door, you minimize the destruction of your property and assets by allowing emergency services more time to extinguish the flames. Plus, with minimized destruction, your business will be able to recover from a fire faster.

3. Enhanced Security

While not directly related to fires, fire-rated doors are significantly tougher than regular commercial doors. Therefore, your business has greater protection from intruders as well as natural elements.


Overhead Door Fire-Rated Doors

We at Overhead Door offer a variety of fire-rated doors suited to fit various safety standards, opening sizes, and aesthetic requirements. Our fire-rated doors are designed to close automatically in an alarmed event. For more information on which doors we offer and their fire ratings, please give us a call today! Need a regular commercial or residential garage door? We offer those too! Please review our website for more information on what we have to offer. Want to learn more about garage doors? Visit our blog, where we post new content monthly!



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