Key Indicators It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

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As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to manage all aspects of your home, including replacing items or functions of the home when they near the end of their lifespan. Rather than waiting for something to break, dealing with the drama, and paying excessive amounts of money for quick replacement, you can take action by replacing such items before they fail. Today, we are sharing with you key indicators it’s time to replace your garage door.garage door

Key Indicators It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

#1: It’s All Beat Up

Garage doors withstand a lot of abuse from us and the elements. If you are noticing dents, scratches, cracks, and rust, it is an early sign that your garage door has been lovingly used to the point of no return. While some wear and tear are fixable, it is often more efficient and less expensive to simply replace the door.

#2: Its Operation is Failing

If you have been hearing creaking or grinding from your garage door, that is a critical sign that it is starting to fail. Additionally, if you have noticed that it seems to take forever to open and close, that is an indicator that your motor is slowly dying. Of course, you can replace parts as needed, but eventually, old technology must be upgraded to something better.

#3: It’s Unsafe

Beyond the annoyance of your garage door starting to fail is the critical component of safety. Garage doors are large, heavy, and dangerous to you as well as your family, children, pets, and guests. If it were to fail and fall, it could cause irreparable damage to someone or something. If you ever have any safety concerns about your garage door, it should be replaced immediately.

#4: It Looks Awful

Are you updating your home, and the current design of your garage door no longer fits your aesthetic. Or maybe your garage works fine, but it looks awful? Throughout the years, trends and styles change, and what was once shiny fades away. If you are unhappy with your garage door’s appearance, that is reason enough to make a change.

#5: It’s a Dinosaur

The last indicator that it’s time to replace your garage door is its age. This one is easy! If your garage door is nearing 15 years of age (or whatever its recommended lifespan is), we recommend getting a thorough inspection by a garage door professional. If well cared for, it may be fine for a few more years, but it is always recommended to get a professional set of eyes on it before trusting a dinosaur door.

Overhead Door – Call Us for a Replacement

Do you have one or more of these indicators that it’s time to replace your garage door? If so, we recommend booking an appointment with us! We can walk you through the garage door replacement process and have you set to get a brand-new door in no time. Want to learn more? Visit our website for more details!

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