Ideas for Converting Your Garage into a New Space

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Is your home feeling cramped? Wouldn’t you just love to have an extra room? Instead of moving or trying to build an addition to your home, you should consider converting your garage into a new space! Here were will talk about the pros and cons of doing so and what you could transform your garage into!

Converted garage home theater

Pros and Cons of Converting

Before you jump fully into converting your garage into a new space, you must consider the pros and cons.


The obvious pro of converting your garage is that you will have more livable space for you and your family. In addition, if you end up selling your home in a few years, it may increase your home’s value depending on the geographical area and interests of the buyers.


There are two primary cons to consider when converting a garage. The first is that it will take substantial time, effort, and money to go through the conversion process. To properly convert a garage, you will need architectural plans, a building permit, installation, flooring, windows, electrical, heating, cooling, plumbing, and more. All of that costs time and money.

Plus, you will lose out on your garage space. No garage space means your vehicles will deteriorate faster when sitting outside. You will have no room to store tools or equipment, and it may decrease your home’s value and safety if your neighbors all have functional garages.

Garage Conversion Ideas

Did you weigh the pros and cons carefully and decide that converting is right for you? Awesome! Now you get to determine how you are going to transform this space. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

The Cave

Whether it is a man cave or a mom cave, you can convert your garage into a chill zone to relax.


Are you a crafting genus? Or maybe you enjoy woodworking, metalworking, or other large projects. A garage conversion is a perfect space to transform into your personal studio.

Play Room or Game Room

Do you need a space for the kids to play away from the rest of the house? Whether you have young kids with a million Legos or teens who want to practice on their drum set, the garage is an excellent choice for a kiddo entertainment room.

Home Theater

A converted garage is an ideal space for a home theater! It is naturally dark, and you will easily be able to set up a big screen and plenty of seating without messing up the feng shui of the everyday living spaces.

Office Space

In a world permanently altered by COVID-19, many of us have transitioned to a fully or partially remote working life. If your home doesn’t have adequate space for a home office free from distractions, this could be the perfect choice for you.

Home Gym

Are you not a gym goer but still want to work out? You can build a gym in your converted garage quickly and easily!

Living Room

Is your living room just not cutting it? A converted garage can become an ideal living space with plenty of room for everyone.

Bedroom or Air BnB

Do you have a teen who wants their privacy or frequent guests visiting? You can transform your garage into another bedroom. You could even turn it into an Air BnB if you have the ability to make it completely self-sufficient.


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