How to Keep a Cool Garage in the Summer Heat

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As the summer heat starts to make itself known, you may be dreading those moments when you walk into your garage and get smacked in the face with heat and humidity. Like most homeowners, you have likely invested your cooling appliances and upgrades into your primary living spaces, as you should. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying a cool (or least not overbearing) garage space. Here are five tips on how to keep a cool garage in the summer heat.

How to Cool Your Garage

#1: Get a Cross Breeze

If you live in an area that enjoys the pleasure of a nice wind, creating a cross-breeze through your garage is a free way to cool down your garage space. By opening your garage door and access door or window, you can utilize the breeze to push hot air out of the garage.

However, if you do not have a natural breeze, you can use a fan to artificially stimulate the breeze. Do note that this entails leaving your doors and windows open, so you should take safety measures when doing so.

#2: Cool Vehicles Before Parking

Vehicles produce tremendous amounts of heat when they are in operation. So, when you park your car inside the garage after use, it will emit copious amounts of heat until it has cooled down, thus, heating up your garage. Rather than bringing in that unnecessary heat, we recommend parking your car outside until it has cooled down. In an hour or two, you can then drive it into the garage.

#3: Declutter Your Space

The stuff you keep inside your garage retains heat and likely prevents airflow. Therefore, decluttering your space is a simple way to cool your garage. We recommend going through your garage and getting rid of unnecessary items. For the things you want to keep and store, we recommend placing them in bins on shelves out of the path of airflow. You want to get them off the ground but never store them in front of doors or windows.

#4: Install a Ceiling Fan or Air Conditioning

If you are willing to spend some money to keep your garage cool, you can install a ceiling fan or air-conditioning. Of course, a ceiling fan will be a cheaper option to install and operate, but air-conditioning would be more effective. Personally, we recommend going with a ceiling fan!

#5: Invest in Insulation

Lastly, an excellent method of cooling a garage is with proper installation. You can improve the quality of the installation by insulating the exterior walls of your garage, replacing weather stripping around doors and windows, or by replacing your current garage door with an insulated garage door. We recommend purchasing an insulated garage door if you need or will soon require a garage door replacement, killing two birds with one stone.

To learn more about which insulated garage doors are available for your specific home, we recommend booking a consultation with us today to learn more!

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