How to Add Light to a Dark Garage

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Does your garage feel dark, cave-like, and maybe even a little spooky? Do you have difficulty traversing it at any time of the day? If you answered yes, it is time to use one of these tricks to add light to a dark garage.

Windowed Garage Door

Understand Your Lighting Needs

Understanding your lighting needs is the first step to lighting up dark garage space. The best way to do that is to analyze your garage’s function. If it is simply a place where you park your car and walk straight into the house, you will just need ambient lighting. A soft overhead light that illuminates your space so that you can easily walk around is usually enough.

If you use your garage as a work or storage space, task lighting is essential. We recommend adding bright lights focused on the storage space or work table so you can easily sort through items or work on projects.

Lastly, there is accent lighting. If your garage features show pieces, like a trophy collection or an old-fashioned pinball machine, you will want to highlight those areas with a light in the middle of ambient and task lighting.

Utilize Natural Light

Once you have an understanding of your garage’s functions, we recommend utilizing natural light if possible. You can get natural light from windows or glass doors. If you spend copious amounts of time in your garage during the day, you will want to enhance your natural light to save energy and decrease that cave-like feel.

If you have the available funding for a remodel, we recommend adding windows and/or a skylight to enhance the natural lighting of your space.

Add Lighting

Adding artificial lighting is the most obvious answer to lighting up a dark space. Depending on your garage’s functionality, your lighting choices can vary wildly. Whether you want to add full can lights, light strips, or little LED lights, there are a plethora of options.

Paint the Walls a Light Color

While darker colors like black and red are excellent for showing off sports cars, they can make your garage feel like an abyss. To lighten up a dark garage, we recommend painting the walls a lighter color like white or light grey. Just like inside the house, lighter paint colors will let light bounce around and create a more open, bright environment.

Pro Tip: You can even paint the floor!

Add a Windowed Garage Door

If you are nearing a garage door replacement and you want to lighten up a dark garage, we recommend replacing your existing door with a windowed garage door. In doing so, you can add windows and extra light to your space without any remodels or construction.

Worried about people peering into your garage through the windows? You can always get frosted windows to keep out those curious rubberneckers.

Get a Glass Entry Door

For even more windows without construction, you can replace your entry door with a glass door. All the same concepts as a windowed garage apply. Do keep in mind that glass doors are more likely to break than traditional doors.

Overhead Door – Add a Windowed Garage Door

If you want to replace your garage door with a windowed one, Overhead Door is here to help. We have a wide range of garage door styles and sizes to choose from, so book a consultation with us today to learn more.


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