Garage Doors Hit by Lightning

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Mother Nature enjoys throwing us curveballs like tornados, floods, and earthquakes. We do our best to prepare for everything, but one natural phenomenon that often gets forgotten is lightning! With millions of lightning strikes a year and countless dollars of damage sustained, we wanted to provide you with an explanation of how lightning can damage your garage door and what to do to fix it.

How Lightning Can Damage Your Garage Door

1. Strike Damage on the Door

It isn’t hard to imagine the amount of damage a garage door will sustain when directly hit by a lightning bolt. While garage doors are tough, even they are not immune to the sheer power of that much electricity. When a direct strike occurs, you will most likely find scorch marks or a hole in the door. Additionally, if your garage door is wood, it could potentially catch fire.

2. Broken Windows

If your garage door is complemented with windows, they too are susceptible to damage from a direct strike or an indirect strike elsewhere on the garage or home. If the strike is close enough, it could bend the window frame or completely shatter the windows.

3. Melted Wiring

When lightning strikes, it is searching for a way to be grounded. When it hits a garage door, it can achieve grounding by traveling through your garage door’s wiring. Obviously, your garage door wiring will be overwhelmed by the tremendous amounts of electricity passing through it, causing it to overheat. When wiring overheats to this extent, it will likely burn or melt, making it inoperable.


4. Fried Circuitry

Your garage door circuitry is one of the most vulnerable components to a lightning strike. Even an indirect lightning strike can send a power surge through the system and fry everything from capacitors to transistors. This typically results in the following:

A: Different Lighting

The lighting in your garage door opener being different or completely out. It is also essential to check if the device’s warning light is on. If so, it is a clear sign you have a problem.

B: Dead Controls

Your garage door opener remote is not working. Do note that you should replace your garage door batteries before assuming the worst.

C: Inconsistent Operation

When your garage door’s operation is inconsistent or regularly fails to work.

D: No power

Simply nothing happens. If you have zero operation capability, there is a good chance that a key component of your system had been fried.


How to Fix Your Garage Door After a Lightning Strike

If your garage door simply has a slight scorch mark, you will likely be able to fix it up yourself with some cleaning products and paint. However, if your garage door is suffering from any other issues above, you will need to hire a professional garage door specialist to repair and replace damaged parts.

We highly recommend that you do not try to fix lightning strike damage yourself as it can be highly hazardous to mess with damaged electrical components. Keep yourself and your family safe by using a trained professional; they will ensure that everything is back up and running safely in no time. For more information on booking an appointment, please contact us today!

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